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Choosing and Buying a Budgie, Budgerigar or Parakeet - Budgie Health

spangled english budgie - he really looks like a grumpy grampa

spangled english budgie - he really looks like a grumpy grampa

English Budgerigar (Budgie) bred by Daniel Lütolf, Switzerland - photo by Thomas Lautenschläger; an English budgie has fuller feathering around the face and is larger than the American parakeet and is often used in shows and exhibitions; they are related to parrots and can be extremely friendly, active and playful, and can even be taught to say a few words - info from englishbudgie

Exhibition budgerigar bred by Daniel Lütolf, Switzerland

Green budgie

Svetlana Folomeeva – Exhibition Budgerigars in Russia

Cinnamon opaline grey

Our budgie club took a bus trip outing to Cec & Brenda Gearing's ( down south of Bunbury ) yesterday.

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Sky blue spangle

Nature sounds: Parakeets Singing, Talking, Chirping, kissing each other. Budgies talking to each other.