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pachypodium rosulatum var. gracilius

I pretty sure it's a Pachypodium rosulatum var. gracilius but I could be/probably am terrib.

Pachypodium rosulatum var. gracilius

I don't know what is this but it is strange but cute haha Pachypodium rosulatum var.


Euphorbia knutii, exotic african bonsai caudex africa succulent seed 10 seeds

Euphorbia knutii, exotic african bonsai caudex africa succulent I'm thinkin that took many years to grow

Love these Donkey tail succulents

Laguna garden - burros tail succulent 💚💚💚They must be so old cuz they grow so slowly!

Conditions for manifestation: moss, earth, container, moisture, shade, etc

Make Your Own Moss Garden

crassula hobbit bonsai - Google Search

Crassula Hobbit Bonsai- Love the name of this one. "I will call you Frodo!


The Hawaiian palm (Brighamia insignis) a very unusual and decorative house plant. New leaves form in the crown and the older, lowermost leaves turn yellow and wither. Very few of these plants still remain in their natural habitat in Hawaii.