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A wounded member of the Plt. Company "C," Infantry Division, is helped to a waiting "Iroquois" helicopter in Vietnam, May (AP Photo) ~ Vietnam War

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Post with 3196 views. Helicopters hover over a field, ready to load personnel and equipment during Operation Masher in the Vietnam War, May 1966

October 12, 1967 - January 31, 1969     Operation MAC ARTHUR begins. It was a continuation of the 4th Infantry Division border guard operations in the western II Corps that claimed 5,731 known enemy casualties. GREELEY was folded into MACARTHUR and the remainder of the Battle of Dak To would as part of this operation. The 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division and the attached 4/503d Abn from the 173d Airborne Brigade were located at Dak To. The 2d Brigade was at LZ Oasis, southwest of Pleiku an

Humping mortar rounds on Hill 742 5 miles northwest of Dak To during Operation MacArthur Vietnam

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The Infamous Vietnam War, one of the bloodiest conflicts we were involved in; and a huge failure as far as political interests go.