My sister and I have a new nickname for Tao, our grandma was shopping with us at the mall and I had my Tao bracelet on and she said "you look pretty even without your ZO ZO bracelet on" OMW we laughed SO hard!

tao ~ He's a rather elegant boy. But I've seen his moves so don't tell him I said that.

Gonna miss this guy, but I wish him luck with his new life.


I usually really dislike when kpop idols wear coloured contacts (your eyes are beautifully brown!) but Tao is an acception to this, exhibit A.

The double take - Tao | DAYUM!!!! He looks really hot in these pics

Tao is extremely beautiful. Has the most intense gaze ever. Not to mention through his bad boy look, he is a total sweet heart that needs to cuddled and cared for.

Huang Zitao 黄子韬 || 160503

Read the face of the dorky kris from the story The Music In You (Exo Boyxboy) by with reads. Tao was having a har.


Tao looks so serious but then you read his shirt

TAO: Không có tin gì từ thế giới mà bạn ngủ trong gấu trúc này


I know I should be saying "poor Tao" but look at his cheeks? Are they made out of elastic or something? Why are they so stretchy?

Tao - EXO

Tao - EXO exo-m exo-k exo tao sehun lay luhan

EXO - Тао *-*

Rumor is right now tao is gonna quit exo. I don't what any more of them to leave TT ^TT <<< noNONONO Tao is not gonna leave exo!

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Tao ♥ This is one of my fav picture of my romantic kung fu panda