Star Trek - En Passant by ~ionahi on deviantART

Kirk/Spock from Star Trek. ヽ(*^∀^*)/ Star Trek - En Passant

Star Trek :Star Fleet uniform by ~mixed-blessing on deviantART

XD K/S again, again and again wanna draw Star Fleet uniform.Spock is more sturd.

Squeeeeeeeeeeez by on @deviantART

Squeeeeeeeeeeez by on @deviantART

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ST: Turn around, Jim! by on @deviantART

Jim's too busy hitting on other people to notice Spock with his pink valentine's day tribble ST: Turn around, Jim!

ST_A short tender moment by ~applepie1989 on deviantART

Captain Kirk, exhausted from his duties found himself led to an unused observation deck that his first officer Spock had deemed perfect for the captain . ST_A short tender moment


Hey guys today’s dish is doctor kinkXDDDD just ONE kiss cannot keep me quiet Give me


Day 4 of the July challenge and what better way to celebrate America's birthday with some fluffy spirk this was requested by *inktailswallow that ish.