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Ballerina in blue Divine Dance) - if I were ever to pick something I wanted in the past to pursue in the future, dance would probably be it.

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Black Swan Ballerina Feather Tutu Swan Lake - Giclee Print of Watercolor - Natalie Portman The Red Shoes Black Plumes Gift for Her under 25

I want a photo like this someday. This set of three [:

A beautiful Silhouette of a Ballerina behind the vale of a Silk Screen Shadow Dancing - Music in motion.

I wanna try dancing Ballet

spectacular silhouette by ~fripturici black and white, ballerina, ballet, pose // amouretrevenge:black-and-white


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When body and mind are all one . it's music, poetry, a white canvas, the nicest book, pure art.

Ballet Art Prima Ballerina Swan Lake Dancer - Giclee Print of Watercolor - Silhouette Graceful Tutu Costume Pointe Classical Gift for Her



Top view~flower

Such beautiful perfection. With such grace she dances putting forth all emotion she held back for that day, that day she will bring forth her passionate dance of a life time. such simple but elegant beauty is all held within a true ballet dancer

Very pretty- Loui jover

Pen and Ink 2013 Drawing "arabesque" I need to start drawing in my math books, I enjoy the idea or different paper!

klare Aus strahlung gute dynamik - best zentriert müsste ihre tanzdynamik schauen um urteilen zu können! Statik hat wenig Aussagekraft! ,-)

Clear charisma good dynamics - best centered had to look her dance dynamics to judge! Statics has little significance!