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Inter-generic Orchid-hybrid Blc: BrassoLaelioCattleya George King 'Southern Cross

National Capital Orchid Society annual show & sale at Behnke Nurseries Brassolaeliocattleya George King 'Southern Cross'

Cattleya Majestic Light Crown

Blc. Majestic Light 'Crown' Orchid Plant in bud

how to care for orchids and get more blooms | Garden Club

how to care for orchids and get more blooms

Orchids are exotic beauties and some may need more attention than others, but many are as easy to grow as ordinary houseplants.

jalopuikkokämmekkä' Dendrobium nobile hybrid /lannoitus kasvukautena, tasaisen kostea kesällä, talvella hieman viileämpään paikkaan. hoito-ohje: http://am7.siteground.biz/~suomenor/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Dendrobium-nobile-nbspJalopuikkokmmekk.pdf

The orchids of North America have evolved an amazing number of ways to survive, and some weird personality quirks to go with them. From social butterflies to ethereal hermits, which one comes closer to you?


") From Chrome research: "Coelogyne is a genus of over 200 sympodial epiphytes from the family Orchidaceae, distributed across India, China, Indonesia and the ." & "Orchids by Genus > Coelogyne > Coelogyne asperata.

Called the Lady Slipper Orchid. Tryin' to see the slipper. Personally, I kinda think a lady named it. - by Heather Jane

Striped And Spotted Orchid Greeting Card for Sale by Heather Jane