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An entry from the gory bits

An entry from the gory bits

Her kiss left a mark that remained for years later. "If you play me," Jia started, her voice barely a breath, "this kiss will be your last.

Late night drives are the best :). I have a pic like this too ^_^

Don't fall asleep at the wheel, we got a million miles ahead of us - Just hold my hand and we'll make it through together. I won't fall asleep.

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Drive In movie theater. You and I are going to a drive in movie this summer come HELL or HIGH WATER!

Das wäre echt super, wenn ich bei dir morgens ein mal aufwachen könnte.

"I believe, no matter how bad the fight, as long as our feet find each other underneath the sheets everything will be alright." - The Story of Us LOVE LOVE LOVE This movie

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After endless walks over the streets of Paris and drinking a bottle of wine at a terrace at Place de Vosges, its time to just relax ❤️❤️