A transpo prepares to ride the rails up to a Deepe. #MetalShadow Colorful sci-fi robot airship

"Ohnoes, we're out of milk, we have to land ASAP!" Just another big spaceship from me. Inspired by my desk lamp. Out of Milk

Polaris Base, Arcadian Arctic, Scandinavia

Red Velvet Voyages into the future Futuristic City. Concept spaceship environments by Stefan Morrell.

Future High Rise City.  www.AmericaUSARealEstate.com:

THE TRI-MAGE TRILOGY // The city spills out from the luxurious city centre, until it reaches the walls that the slums lean up against.

'Starriggers' by James Gurney

siryl: “ James Gurney is mainly known as the Dinotopia illustrator, but his portfolio includes some things that might surprise you, such as this cover for Starrigger by John DeChancie.

roguetelemetry: “Ioan Dumitrescu, found on cyberxen.tumblr.com ”

Cyberpunk Atmosphere - Amazing concept art of a futuristic city / sci fi city / gray / techie / digital art / video game

InVitro Banana | The yellow playground

I know, this more engineering than architecture, but amazing nonetheless. Waterfall Stations by Christian Schumann CGSociety