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Tetragrammatronix by Luke Brown, Psychedelic art

Yamura, Anrufung, Metatron

Flower of Life sticker Hexagram Metatron's Cube Mandala Sacred Geometry

@solitalo ​ Una Meditación Mundial Hathor a través de Tom Kenyon Usamos la metáfora de un huracán o un ciclón para describir la situación que está enfrentando ahora tu mundo. En el medio del poder …

Los Hathors: “El ojo de la Tormenta” a través de Tom Canyon

Joma Sipe Arte Simbolista e Visionária l Symbolist and Visionary Art

Antes que crezcan http://www.danaki.es/antes-de-que-crezcan/

Primordial Presence by Hakan Hisim

Dima Yastronaut - Sacred Geometry Art

Evidence based yoga research. Evidence-based qi gong research.

ૐ OM ૐ Cubo de Metatron  www.merkabahspirit.com


via Phoenix Spiritual Connection .

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Baphomet by Luke Brown, Psychedelic art

Under the right circumstances, it is not difficult to have a powerful experience of meditation, to taste the indescribable peace, bliss, rapture, and stillness of the Ground of Being-like a still forest pool, in which you sink ever more deeply, where your mind is not moving at all

Sky Diamonds by mugwortdesigns

Geometría Sagrada : La Flor de la Vida

Geometría Sagrada : La Flor de la Vida

Sacred Geometry <3

Augureye Express: Your Aura & 12 Chakras: Keys to the Kingdom

"Origin"Psychedelic fluorescent backdrop print on fabric. Excellent for Home decor, Studio, Party, etc. 3m x 4.5m (118" x 177.16). | eBay!

Psychedelic Abstract Goa Deco Backdrop UV Glow Fluorescent Large Banner Print

"Origin"Psychedelic fluorescent backdrop print on fabric. Excellent for Home decor, Studio, Party, etc.

Astral Aum - psytrance

Astral Aum - psytrance

23471902_908139652694035_8023531587635945843_n.jpg (416×598)

23471902_908139652694035_8023531587635945843_n.jpg (416×598)

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Glowing mandala with rainbow wings and caduceus serpents (unknown artist)

Medita, te hará bien

You are another me / Sacred Geometry.my another persona.