Tangled - Sketch by Claire Keane

19 Disney Characters That Could Have Looked Completely Different

Love Claire Keane’s work! drawn-to-life: “ A Claire Keane drawing of Rapunzel for Disney’s Tangled. Claire Keane is the daughter of Glen Keane, and Glen Keane has animated memorable characters such as.

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Personagens com looks reais

Rapunzel in real life- by Iszryl

This is Mary she's 14 years old. She loves bike rides and walks on the beach. She loves dogs and younger siblings to play with. Her parents died while being cops, it was two devastating deaths to her town. Please Adopt!

Resultado de imagem para rapunzel moderna

Resultado de imagem para rapunzel moderna

El cabello de Merida es a�n su mejor accesorio.

Así es como los personajes de Disney lucirían en el mundo moderno