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In the United States desert southwest, Harris's hawks sometimes engage in a behavior called 'stacking'. Two or three birds may perch one atop the other.Researchers note that when this occurs, the more dominant bird is actually the one on the bottom of the stack.

In order to stand on the same cactus, the Harris Hawk stacks on top of each other.

Short-toed Snake Eagle (Circaetus gallicus) also known as Short-toed Eagle, is a medium-sized bird of prey. This is an Old World species spread throughout the Mediterranean basin and into Russia and the Middle East, and into parts of Asia, mainly in the Indian Subcontinent and also further east in some Indonesian islands).

Specialise in feeding on snakes and other reptiles wikipedia

The Peregrine is a large, powerful falcon that is quite widespread

My first "real" summer job was working for the MNR out of Thunder Bay, on the Peregrine Falcon Release Program.

An osprey once flew 2,700 miles in just 13 days. Learn more about these majestic birds!

An osprey once flew miles in just 13 days. Learn more about these majestic birds!

Radio Transmission Towers Blamed for Songbirds' Deaths, But ...

What Is Killing the Songbirds?

Radio Transmission Towers Blamed for Songbirds& Deaths, But .

Juvenile Tundra Perigrine Falcon by SewerDoc (200 Explores).

fairy-wren: juvenile tundra peregrine falcon (photo by jared fein) Peregrine falcons are some of my favourite birds of prey