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Honda: Herro Brittany Me: Hi! How are you Honda? Honda: I am wonderful, how about you? Me: Great now that you are here! Honda: *hands flowers* happy earry birthday!  Me: *blushes* Thanks!  Honda: You're wercome!  Me: Wanna read manga together later? Honda: I wourd rove to read manga together! Me: how about we get going?  Honda: Ok. Me: We'll everyone that's it for now... Bye! Honda: Goodbye everyone!

Me: Hey Japan. How are you doing today? Me: Good Japan: Would you like to come to my place to watch some anime? Me (at Japan's house): WHAT! Japan: It surprised me too.




Hijikata Toshizo×Izumi no kami kanesada Yukimura Chizuru Horikawa Kunihiro

Hajime Saitou What anime is he from????????

Hajime Saitou What anime is he from? <<< Hakuouki it has 2 seasons, 2 movies, and either two or three sub series

かのう - Hetalia - Japan (Kiku Honda)

かのう - Hetalia - Japan (Kiku Honda)

hakuouki harada - Google Search

The notable scarf-wearing Saitou Hajime from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan