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sasuke, sakura, sarada, naruto, sasusaku <--- this makes me really happy


Uzumaki Naruto, Hatake Kakashi, Nohara Rin, Uchiha Obito, Pixiv Id 591187


Lol, did Hinata try to pick him up? I wish I knew what they were saying. Naruhina and Sasusaku

It's cuute

Minato, Kakashi & Young Naruto ~ Too adorable! And Minato's death glare is priceless.

NARUTO                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

NARUTO/ - Zerochan hey I just saw this earlier! Poor Kiba, Akamaru, and Shino. Hinata-chan doesn't love them.

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Naruto, Sasuke, and Itachi Aw this is like if the kyuubi attack & uchiha clan massacre never happened

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The opposites attracting each other Naruto and Hinata , Minato and Kushina

This would have been so cool!

this is actually melancholic with some characters being alive. until u remember the part where Shisui is a fearsome ninja scrubbing the floor because he's grounded XD

Ahhhh*Heart pounding.... Every couple is The best Ship i ever Imagined...... Except...... Tenten.... I feel so Sad For Her... Ohh.. if Only... Neji...But Simultaneously... I find itachi Sasori and And Diedara Funny... There's neji too

Every couple is The best Ship i ever Imagined. I feel so Sad For Her.But Simultaneously. I find itachi Sasori and And Diedara Funny. There's neji too😭