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I had the privilege of contributing to the second round of 9 Squares alongside some fantastic motion designers!  This is my submission, but check it out in full here:

9 Squares

gif loop - motion design and animation graph theory — 9 Squares by Zac Dixon

Keep running! by Moncho Massé #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots

Keep running!

This is the second part of our Looping GIFs series with more in the pipeline. Everyone enjoys a good looping GIF animation, however, there are those GIFs that hypnotise…

Gifs animés illustrés, narratifs et élégants signés Guillaume Kurkdjian !

Little bio update on our almost finished site :(

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Work in Progress here! Now working on introduction video for YouTube show. The author of show has review the worst movies coming out in the Russian cinema. This shot shows an sketch from the new op...

Movie production W.I.P.

Cheers wine glass water animation. Animated text. Motion graphics vector animated gifs

Hightail - Year End Animations (Cheers) {gif}