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I like constellation tattoos. I think it would be kinda cool to get the sky coordinates for the constellation instead of the actual constellation. Find a story I like, related to the constellation

love the arrow designs…could wood burn or paint 1 or several on an old board

love the arrow designs…could wood burn or paint 1 or several on an old board

witchedways: “ bhanglordzz: “ “Symbols derived from ancient Greek magickal kharakteres (characters). Examples of kharakteres may be found within the Greco-Egyptian magickal papyri, astrological.

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'jasmine dowling-- Use these, put them on a canvas and put twinkle lights through them' I'd like the keep constellation for a tattoo.

I find it amazing that I'm a Capricorn and both my name and last name start with an S..

I appreciate these individuals pics - a big heads up for posting - zodiac alphabet, zodiac, zodiac signs, astrology

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Morse Code Initial tattoo idea                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus


A subtle approach to the initial trend: A sleek gold cuff bracelet is engraved with minimal Morse code dots and lines.

Look up,in the night sky.

Star constellations for a tattoo. This could be really cool, instead of getting kids names get their sign or if they share a name with a constellation/star. Sagittarius fits inside of Pisces.

Have the Taurus constellation tattooed instead of the bull head.

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Pisces Constellation Zodiac Constellation Pisces by TelleQuelle

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