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TK; Girly Pink!

Adapt this idea of colour-on-colour; if we go for the idea of different colours on our mannequin we could put them against different backdrops of the same colour (ie: blue clothes against a blue backdrop etc) Imogen Poots / Bullet Magazine

Dorly PROJETOS: Previsão de tendência 2015/2016: The New Lows da alta moda?

TREND COUNCIL HOLIDAY 2105 - ICE PRINCESS I see this a lot already, and it makes sense that it would continue. All white and all black in my opinion are a classic long term trend that will be around for a long period of time to come


IIIINSPIRED: moodboards by angie _ where fashion meets a witty mind and purity

Sincerely, Jessica Holmes. #digitalart #graphicdesign #typography…

I like the way the pictures fall away from the main picture and how it's a bunch of pieces and even with the cutout that's cool. Like to make something that weird look awesome would be sick bc it's so original