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"Lightbringer" by on @DeviantArt

Lightbringer by corndoggy dragonborn lizardman troglodyte paladin fighter knight armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

Uma camiseta de mulé bunitinha

Here at Abduzeedo we get to see a lot of amazing artworks. in every possible style one may imagine. But very few times I get totally excited by an artist like I got for Bibo X.

fabien-mense: “Robin Hood, mischief in Sherwood-Visual development-part 1 Part here ! ” I didn’t realize that Robin Hood, mischief in Sherwood was actualy on air on french tv, so here is a.

character design | Tumblr

An imaginary guardian oc I designed for my brother’s upcoming collaboration project! I drew inspiration from my zodiac sign and a few, personal fears- one of them being the sudden and inevitable.

Noelle Stevenson Illustration

Or it’s not a coveted boy but a cursed girl. Broken black skin that courses fire in her veins. Has two swords, pure black face, no hair, glowing eyes. Seeking to stop curse.