Oh, that is a good idea - and pretty, too : > Pinner says: Ear wrap. A very pretty solution for the daughter who is afraid of the pain of ear piercing.

Yogitha Ramamoorthy: Ear Cuffs - Don't pierce your ears :)

Ear Wraps are worn on the ear without the need for any piercing. Our Ear Wraps can be customized in gold or silver and can be worn in combination with our Dangle Attachments or Hanging Earrings.

My latest find on Trusper will literally blow you away. Like seriously, you need to hold on to your seat.

Awesome Ear Cuffs!! 😊👌👌👌

Behind ear cuff by Orlika on Etsy

Behind ear cuff

D'alatrou ear sweep earrings

Ear Sweeps have a back wire which is threaded through a pierced ear and then swept up to hug the outer curvature of your ear.


This Ear Sweep Earring, also know as Ear Climber , Ear Crawler , Ear pin for Valentine's day and Mother's day ready gift. It is very easy to use and comfortable. You will even forget that you have an

Mirkwood SET Ear Cuff

The Mirkwood Collection SET Ear Cuff & Tragus Cuff Green Wire Leaf Elf Elvish Ear Cuff.

Faerie ear cuffs ❤❤❤

elven ear ear cuff elvish earring elf ear by Ayalga on Etsy,

Pair of wire wrapped ear cuff Flying to the by StrangeThingJewelry

Pair of wire wrapped ear cuff Flying to the Edge of the World

A pair of ear cuffs made of silverplated copper wire and cristal beads. These ear wraps are worn behing your ear like a Blue Tooth device and earrings wire wrapped earrings earrings

Pair of ear cuffs Afterglow by StrangeThingJewelry on Etsy

Pair of ear cuffs Afterglow

I love, love, love this ear cuff. I hope more jewelry and clothing is inspired by the fashions in the Capitol, and specifically those created by Cinna and his team for the games. I thought they sounded really dramatic and interesting, and I'd love to see real-world interpretations of them. (The Hunger Games)

Hunger Games Ear Cuff District 1 with Swarovski Crystals

Elf Ear Wire Wrap $55.00 -  Is it weird that I would actually wear these?

Silver "elf ear" wraps for the fantasy fan who enjoys something shiny to accent her outfit.