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まるで「ハリー・ポッター」の世界!!ポルトガルにある世界遺産の本屋さん「レロ書店」が美しい!! | コモンポスト

bibliotheca-sanctus: “ Livreria Lello in Porto, Portugal ”


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Although it is old and no longer serves its it purpose is beautiful still and therefore has a new and different purpose - Crystal .. remember you are always important no matter what.

What an beautiful picture. This photo is so pretty. There is just one failure in this whole picture. The one failure is that leaves are not transparent so you would not be able to see through the leaf.

One of the great contributions to the richness of Hong Kong’s urban scene were without doubt the caged balconies that lined the elevations not only of the Walled City, but also of many of the city’s other older tenement buildings. Sadly now but a distant memory, since they were classified as illegal structures in the late 1990s and torn down, these practical and otherwise very necessary additions to life in a tiny apartment were a source of constant delight.

Week 8 - As the needs of the people is paramount, we should figure out the needs of the residents to realize and prioritize their needs. Only then we can construct a space that serves its purpose completely.