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Kinesiology tape isn't just for athletes, they are great for retraining muscles after an injury. Find a physical therapist that can help tape you up before therapy.

Including the use of kinesiology tape in your massage therapy strategy can produce positive results and relieve muscle pain.

Enhance Results & Relieve Pain with Kinesiology Taping

In massage therapy, a primary goal is to relieve pain and enhance muscle-tendon, fascia and joint function. Kinesiology taping can be an effective tool.

Quick an easy knee taping strategy using just one strip of tape #ShoulderPain #Ktape #KTTape

General Shoulder: KT Tape may increase circulation, reduce pressure over the area of pain, and offer support and stability to the shoulder

Sport Running Kinesio Physio Therapeutic Muscle Tape

Sport Running Kinesio Physio Therapeutic Muscle Tape

Reduce pain, correct joins and normalize muscle functions. Material: non allergic cotton elastic cloth and arcylic adhesive Size: x Waterproof

▶ How to apply Kinesiology tape for Tennis Elbow / lateral epicondilitis - YouTube

Carpal Tunnel Tingling


Muscle Atlas - All muscles including Origins, Insertions, Actions, Innervations & Arterial Supplies. (for us muscle geeks)