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Apple iCam: A Modular Concept Camera That Uses an iPhone for Brains

iPhone case that prints polaroids - what a   great giveaway for that VIP client!

New iPhone case prints Polaroid photos

clip-on lens for iPhone; includes fish-eye, wide angle, and macro.

ThinkGeek :: Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens System - Quick-connect lens system for iPhone Includes fisheye, wide-angle, and macro lenses.

I want this so I can stop carrying around a cable just for my iphone.  Basically every computer accessory these days gets charged via mini usb.

PocketDock Line Out Mini USB - SendStation’s brand-new, ultra-tiny PocketDock Line Out Mini USB is probably the handiest accessory for your iPod & iPhone you can think of: Sync & Charge plus Hi-Fi quality Line Out Audio wherever you go.

iPhone Pro Concept by Jinyoung Choi aims to turn the iPhone into DSLRs.

Complete Camera Smartphone Concepts

Complete Camera Smartphone Concepts The 'iPhone Pro' Turns Apple to High Quality Captures

instagram camera. All the instagram options but prints like a polaroid.

The Instagram Socialmatic Camera

Design and communication company ADR Studio has created a concept design of a realistic camera based on the popular photo app.

7 Tips for Using Instagram for Business

Another original project by Antonio Pedrosa from ADR studio, we hate him(in a good way ;) he designs amazing concepts, the word concept always shatters your expectations. Antonio heads ADR Studio, his imagination and vision for product design is

Coolest way to charge your phone…

Coolest way to charge your phone…

Epiphany One Puck charges your phone using heat transfer. Apply heat (hot beverage) to red side or cold (frosty brew) to blue side. Neat idea but I can see myself spilling the coffee on the phone.