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∷ Variations on a Theme ∷ Collection of insects and sea life

I love insects and I love Sibella Court. This lovely little collection of insects (and a seahorse) can be found in her inspirational book, Etcetera. Have a look at Natural History's Entomology notebooks here.

The bird egg collection at the Delaware Museum of Natural History is an incredible treasure of thousands of eggs from around the world. photo by by Kevin Fleming

’Head and skull of malformed infants; conjoined twins, bilateral cleft lip and holoprosencephaly’ from ‘Surgical Anatomy’ by Joseph Maclise,

Créer son cabinet de curiosités

Créer son cabinet de curiosités

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By Cicadas are awesome, beautiful insects-their sound reminds me of summer.

OUI . OUI: Wall inspiration

the humble coat hanger, I have collected for years, and love them all. It is just a simple thing, something to hang your clothes on, but they get reinvented all the time. One of my favorite things.

Collection of hawk moths.

Collection of mounted framed english hawk-moths - taxidermy, insects