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♣ Neko {Hime} ~Blog~ ♠: Hablando en Pullip - Lista de modelos 3.9 / Año 2012

Dal Kleine Innocent World Groove pullip fashion doll in USA

«Pullip "Shiina (Shion) x [gouk]"».

«Pullip "Shiina (Shion) x [gouk]"


【♦本日より】『ALICE in STEAMPUNK WORLD』にプーリップのチェシャ猫が登場!【受注開始♦】

Кукла Pullip Cheshire Cat Steampunk World (Пуллип Чеширский Кот), Groove Inc

Muñeca Shinku 30 cm. Rozen Maiden. Pullip Estupenda réplica de la muñeca del personaje llamada Shinku de 30 cm que podemos ver en el exitoso manga/anime de Rozen Maiden. Una muñeca que sin duda te encantará si eres fan que es 100% oficial y licenciada.

Muñeca Shinku 30 cm. Rozen Maiden. Pullip

Shinku * Product Number: * Release Date- * Series: Rozen Maiden Collaboration * Note: Rozen Maiden is the first anime collaboration and Shinku is the first doll released in the line.

Whispering Island Model

Pullip Merl and Isul Lir enjoy the ebb and flow of the ocean tides. Whether on sea or on land the sister and brother duo always look incredible # isul outfit doll



Preparing to take center stage September it's Pullip Bonnie. Groove Inc is going to release their cute & sexy bunny girl.

Pullip / Nanachan (Fashion Doll) Item picture1

Pullip Nana-chan * Product Number: * Release Date: * Series: Mi-chan Drowsy Collaboration

Pullip — Bloody Red Hood

Pullip — Bloody Red Hood

Very Berry Pop new release

【♡本日より】ロリータ衣装が可愛い! 「veryBerryPOP」 登場♪ 【受注開始♡】

Fully custom made Angelic Pretty Lolita (Melty Chocolate) outfit modeled by Oasis YaoYue. Done by Clockwork_Angel. #BJD #OasisYaoYue #Lolita #AngelicPretty

Melanie Martinez doll noblelement: “ (via egl: Melty Chocolate dress for Ball Joint Doll!