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In reality this is a miniature diorama created by Lori Nix in This had me fooled for quite some time!

Amazing Snaps: A Sunken Boat in the Antarctic | See more

The sunken Mar Sem Fin in Antarctica. The sunken remains of the Mar Sem Fin, a Brazillian research boat is seen through the frigid waters. The boat sunk April lies about 30 ft below in Ardley Bay, Antarctica.

Urbex - Power Generation Room

This plant is a relatively new discovery, and despite the grandness of the place, it was simply called Power Plant IM.

I looks what I imagine the Ravenclaw common room would like - for my stairwell. Paint gold stars on the ceiling and hang lanterns in place of the chandelier

abandoned castle in Belgium.kind of looks like a wizards room like somewhere he could study the stars because of the blue ceiling.like often they would paint stars and moons on the ceiling

Google Image Result for http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_kxPG6y8Qctk/TBpJO6ul92I/AAAAAAAAdGY/1GDMczc-bhc/s800/Kowloon%2BWalled%2BCity%2B(35).jpg

Kowloon Walled City: Taking a look back at Hong Kong’s “City of Darkness” (23 HQ Photos)

香港!Kowloon Walled City was a densely populated, largely ungoverned settlement in Kowloon, Hong Kong. In the Walled City contained residents within its sq mi) borders

From French Charmed: Time for our weekend getaway pic! This time, we've brought you to a gorgeous abandoned home outside Paris. (If this is France's version of the country slums, I'd happily be poor!)

abandoned manor house near paris. 'Tis but a dream to go buy an old manor house in Europe, restore it and live in it till I die

Now this one is a trip....

Abandoned dome houses in Southwest Florida, USA Abandoned mill from 1866 in Sorrento, Italy [ Photo Credits ] Angkor Wat .

Charleville Forest Castle, near Tullamore in Offaly County, Ireland. It is said to be haunted by a girl who got lost and went up the tallest tower. She then went sliding down the staircase but fell off and broke her neck. en.wikipedia.org/...

Charleville Forest Castle, Gothic-style, Co. Offaly, Ireland - although much of the castle is in a ruinous state parts are still visitable. When climbing the staircase, guests report sightings of the little girl that fell to her death here.

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Oude New Yorkse spoorbaan wordt wandelpark 'in the sky'

The HighLine Park in NYC - converted old elevated train tracks to a well used park - This was featured as a museum. I would view it as a park or garden.

Abandoned Steel Mill.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Left & gone to China)

Blast Furnace- Standing 92 ft tall it dominates the local landscape. The towers are also the last non-operational blast furnaces still standing in the Pittsburgh area.