Suse Fish | Citrus Twist Kits Sparkle Add-On kit | May 2016

12 x 12 SCRAPBOOK LAYOUT ~ Love how everything is in the middle of the layout & I love how she has done the title.

Citrus Twist Kits: Talking Color with Suse Fish

So happy to be back with you today. I thought we might have a little chat about colour. do you have your favourites that.

Citrus Twist Kits: Tuesday Tutorial with Suse Fish - Don't Forget You!

If you're anything like me, when your kit arrives all beautiful and new, your first thought is to grab those kiddy, pet or family pics.

Citrus Twist Kits: Tuesday Tutorial: my process with Suse Fish

Suse with you today, sharing the process behind this layout I made with the delightful December Main and Embellishment Kits.