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Patrick <3333

Patrick starting his fedora phase.

Fall Out Boy - Photos - Celebrities and athletes cover ESPN the Magazine Music Issue

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Patrick Stump transparent Soul Punk

Ugh yeah take off that bow tie

He's an American Beauty who just wants to Dance Dance like Uma Thurman at The Fourth of July prom. ;) << OH MY

Yes, Patrick you are the prom queen, embrace the pretty girl within you.

cc, the nanny, and niles image

cc, the nanny, and niles image

Patrick Stump Imagines!  (Fluffy):Truth or Dare - Do you want to be with your biggest crush, Patrick Stump?  But it's k...

Patrick Stump Imagines! (Fluffy) - Pillow Fort!

it’s almost like he realizes he’s making a really hot face and tries to cover it up with looks of confusion and hand gestures but i saw it patrick << Patrick always makes hot faces.<<< Patrick's face is a hot face

Patrick stump and dean winchester.

I like how they used Supernatural, well we do have a gif for everything

Even the cast ships Bellarke || Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley, Eliza Jane Taylor, Isiah Washington, Henry Ian Cusick and Jason Rothenberg || Octavia Blake, Bellamy Blake, Clarke Griffin, Thelonius Jaha, Marcus Kane || The 100

Even the cast ships Bellarke The 100

this is sooo cute.

Homestuck Reaction Gifs- Kurloz and Mewlin

It's like he's looking into my soul. I am okay with that. <3

It look,s like he is looking into my soul