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Adorable itty bitty black pug puppy I really hope my next Pug is a black one, so freakin cute!

Pug #BullyDogNation

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Fairy dust I guess

This is true, and if you don't vacuum regularly they can consume you and your home. but I would not give up my douggie no matter how man magical fibers of joy he emits.

Down Syndrome Dog & Puppy

Cute Brindle Pug Puppy and looks exactly like our little Sophie


Unique Apricot Striped Pug Puppy ~ hey, Sara look at this little guy!

Cute Black Pug Puppy gonna have one one day!

Cute Black Pug Puppy gonna have one one day. I'm going to nag to call him Dave.


(Busters mom)"Buster look at the camera" mom I don't want to take a photo just because it's the first day of dogie kinder garden