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Black in History

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Mensa Invites New Orleans Girl into Genius Society: Anala Beevers scored above a 145 on intelligence tests, and placed in the top one percent of Mensans worldwide. NOLA girls are the best ☺

Alexander Lucius Twilight, (1795 -1857) an African American First -Twilight is known to be the first African American to earn a degree from a U.S. University when he graduated from Middlebury College in 1823. His accomplishment is even more notable when you consider that he didn't start school until he was 20. The Vermont native would also become the first African American elected to a state legislature in 1836.

Alexander Lucius Twilight September 1817 Alexander Lucius Twilight, who was probably the first Black to graduate from an American college, received B. degree at Middlebury College.

But somehow blacks in America, as a culture,.are doing the COMPLETE OPPOSITE to this "Black Code", while justifying to each other that "being legitimately black" means being and doing things that are "ANTI BLACK".

Ain't it the truth

"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed."~ Stephen Biko *This applies to abusive intimate relationships too.

Ruby Bridges one of the first African American children to attend an all white school in the American south. She was escorted by the Feds for her safety.

A federal marshal driving first grader Gail Etienne to McDonogh 19 school in New Orleans, November one of four black children who entered two previously all-white schools in the city. It's been a steady downhill path since then.