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'DIY crafts: PENDANT (hot glue) EASY - Innova Crafts...!' (via Learn Your Way To Awesome)

DIY crafts: PENDANT (hot glue) EASY – Innova Crafts

'DIY crafts: PENDANT (hot glue) EASY - Innova Crafts...!' (via Learn Your Way To Awesome)

hot glue gun rings - measure your finger, lay piece of paper that length under glass or some other surface you can see through that the glue will peel off of easily.  Once you can peel it, do and flip to finish drying.  Form into ring shape and use more glue to secure.  Add glitter, rhinestones etc.  Make a bracelet to match!

Hot Glue Rings - a DIY Jewelry Experiment

You won't believe what you can create with hot glue! Check out these inspired hot glue gun crafts. Make hot glue jewelry, hot glue crafts, and even hot glue DIY decor!

Coisa quente na parede.

Coloque cola quente no papel manteiga e espere secar. O próximo passo? Brilhante!

Put hot glue on baking paper and wait until it dries. The next step?

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mod podge dimensional magic projects | Dimensional Magic soda can keychain.

DIY keychain from a soda can

DIY Pop Can Key Chain. This Diet Coke key chain uses Mod Podge Dimensional Magic coating. Just cut out shapes, glue together two shapes of the same size for double sided shapes, punch a hole and then press and let dry. Once shapes are joined and dry, add

come fare bottoni con colla a caldo.tutorial fotografico sul sito

use anythimg to make a form, then mold chocolate, ice-cream, - whatsoever!