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I really am ♥

Yes, I am. :) Thank you God for all the people u put into my life. U gave me the best family ever, and some amazing times with them. thanks God.

I hate what the two of you did to me, the lack of honesty and simple compassion.  The anger & bitterness eats away because both of you are so selfish and can't even be bothered to say  sorry or acknowledge the pain you have caused.  I hate stooping to this level but it's the only outlet I have. mp

More like half of the time. A lot of times calling myself stupid for not going things I could've done to make it better :/

I hope some of my pins don't offend you- I truly do think that some of them are outright funny :)

have a weird sense of humor. and that's who I am.

This is awesome

Funny pictures about True Meaning of Friendship. Oh, and cool pics about True Meaning of Friendship. Also, True Meaning of Friendship photos.

I enjoy hugging people, unless they aren't the hugging type, well that's ok. ...I'll just smile at them.

How to be a great Best Friend

I love hugging people. This is true I'm just too shy to go up and hug people.BUT I do love getting hugs from my friends

This is Me...Every single time

i listen to one song i like over and over until i'm sick of it. thats who i am

Best friends :) @Britney Perkins

best-friend-quotes-and-sayings-animal-pictures-funny I love you Karen for being my best friend forever! I really love you as my best friend!

I just wanted to remind you that I love you alot and thank God everyday for blessing me with a friend  that is just simply amazing. So when you think there is no one who understands or cares remember that I love youuu and try to SMILE.

I Love My Son And Husband quotes - Waiting for you to come back home to me is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I love you, my soldier, my hero, my husband. Read more quotes and sayings about I Love My Son And Husband.