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* * " Wellz, me disagree wif yoo. Whens yoo come to yer senses; me willz turn around ands speak to yoo agains."

black kitten I'm not talking to you!

I have 3 kitties right now that look like this one...they are so sweet! 3 weeks old  :)

I love all black kittens


Little black kitten

little black munchikin

Little baby black kitty

mitad y mitad

What a precious mixed kitty. She is a Chimera like another lady kitty she very much resembles. Our beloved Venus whom most of us have seen.

black cat. gotta have one

Lunar: Rank: Spirits of the Mountains Loner Group Alive or Dead: Dead fluffy black she-cat, leaf-green eyes

14 Reasons to Love a Black Cat

14 Reasons to Love a Black Cat

M, at the left, who happens to be a mostly black cat, with cute little white feet and whiskers and the most beautiful tail. M is very dignified, so he rarel… -- Read more at the image link.

Although shes an absolute terror, you cant help but smile at her cute lil face : aww

Meet Millie, the mountain climbing cat. I love this. What an awesome pet!!!

Meet Millie, the mountain climbing cat.

Meet Millie, the mountain climbing cat. What an awesome pet! I always knew I'd be an awesome cat

limilee:    caturday:  Mister Shadow (via necoration)

"Cats hate a closed door, you know, regardless of which side they're on." --Lillian Jackson Braun So True!

"Cats are so unpredictable--you never know how they'll ignore you next." --Unknown

Little siamese cat, licking his nose!

Wide-eyed amazement! Something has surprised him.

This looks like my new kitten Isabella, So cute. I will post a pick of her soon. --Jade - Black Kitten with big gold eyes

Black cats Rule!!

Black Cat Art Animal photography Cat wearing a Crown Custom Pet Portrait Gift for Cat Lovers Lonely Pixel Art Print - Queen Cora II

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Little Miss Marple.

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So sweet. A black kit-teh with a black nose, just like our Lexi.

Had a little cat named her Billy just like this little kitty and then little Fanta, both beloveds and much missed

Black kitten licking paw by Ben Cartland