Great White Shark :: fluid-dynamics _ driving a 1 ton truck out off the water, needs more muscle.

Un plongeur a filmé une scène exceptionnelle en Australie : l'attaque d'un grand requin blanc par un autre grand...

L'attaque "surréaliste" d'un grand requin blanc filmée en Australie

Great White Shark Attacking Fellow Great White Caught On Camera, Or Were They Just Sharing An Open Mouthed Kiss?

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White Shark - chumming to impress people is the reason why there are more shark attacks. If you want to play with your death, go jump off a high cliff. Leave the sharks alone!

A Vengeful Looking Great White Shark.

impressionnante photo d'un grand requin blanc attaquant une femme sur une planche de surf

Look at the spray and the shark closely.

Whale Shark checking out a surfer. The surfer is not in danger as whale sharks filter plankton from the surface of the water for food.

Great White Shark, and judging from the position of her pectoral fins, she's not a happy camper.

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"We will always put the lives and safety of beachgoers ahead of the shark," Western Australian state Premier Colin Barnett told reporters." Unbeliebable stupidity and he is Premier?

Great White Shark cage experience by Kendra.g.unit.grant

Great White Shark cage experience by Kendra.

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Great White Shark Diving (False Bay) - Experience the Flying Shark, False Bay, Simon's Town


The great white shark!

Il prend un selfie juste avant une attaque de requin mortelle

shark-selfie - EDIT: This is also said to be a hoax if you goggle it !

In a tactic known as 'spy hopping', the great white shark is also one of only a few sharks that regularly lift its head above the sea surface to sight their prey. It is believed that it enables them to smell better while hunting

Leaping great white sharks photographed attacking seals off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa

ochreogre:zombiesandbrains: “ “ allcreatures: “ In a tactic known as ‘spy hopping’, the great white shark is also one of only a few sharks that regularly lift its head above the sea surface to sight.

Saw this and thought of you. A white shark erupts from the depths in the blink of an eye, grabbing the float between its teeth

Amazing shark picture in the wild

"Shark Breach" - by: Filemon Lopez

El Rey de los 7 mares!!!

A Great White.making a typical vertical predatory attack. The shark attacks…