Martha Graham, Imogen Cunningham, 1931.

Martha Graham, Dancer by Imogen Cunningham, 1931

"Stan" Imogen Cunningham (American, 1883–1976) 1959 Photograph, gelatin silver print

Photo by Imogen Cunningham -- Stan, 1959

Imogen Cunningham - Martha Graham 3, | Photography

Imogen Cunningham , Martha Graham 3 on ArtStack

Martha Graham By Imogen Cunningham

Imogen Cunningham: Martha Graham, 1931 (from killerbeesting)   /   JOIF  / Jean-Michel Basquiat photographed by Vrej Baghoomian, 1988

Jean-Michel Basquiat photographed by Vrej Baghoomian, 1988

I really like this photo because it shows the shadows of the hands over the face and the photo in all is very clear. Imogene Cunningham

Martha Graham by Imogene Cunningham

Imogen Cunningham- Martha Graham # 4, ,1931

The greatest dancer Martha Graham XX century (Martha Graham). Photographer: Imogen Cunningham, 1931 for Vanity Fair, December 1931

Lamentation, Martha Graham/Peggy Lyman, 1976

Marion Valentine :: Peggy Lyman performing Lamentation by Martha Graham, 1976 [source]


Pina Bausch, Festival d’Avignon 1981

Martha Graham, New York, 1931  Photographer: Edward Steichen @Melanie Bauer Bauer Clark

Martha Graham, NY 1931 Photo by ©Edward Steichen ©Condé Nast

Imogen Cunningham. One of my favorites. (Hilarious little story in article involving Ansel Adams.)

(Hilarious little story in article involving Ansel Adams.

Saul Leiter- Jean Pearson, 1948

Jean Pearson, 1948 by Saul Leiter :::

Modern dance pioneer Martha Graham with Erick Hawkins at Bennington College, Vermont, 1938, photo by Barbara Morgan

Martha Graham and Erick Hawkins, Barbara Morgan - photographer 1938

Imogen Cunningham, Irene

Colour, as experience, inhabits Space, Form and Life itself.

Bauhaus - Herbert Bayer Photomontage. This image shows how collage techniques can be combined seamlessly to produce a final image.

Herbert Bayer - The Lonely Metropolitan - 1932 - Pictify - your social .

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania photography portrait

Pin is from Angelica Cruz. I chose this photograph because it has a visual cue, chiaroscuro lighting. Chiaroscuro lighting makes the photo more dramatic because it creates an illusion of making it more three-dimensional.