James McAvoy starter fot 10

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apoeticalypse: “ Another boredom result.

Oh James MacAvoy...

Am I weird for thinking he was totally hot in xmen first class?--no, no you are not


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James McAvoy

James McAvoy by Lorenzo Agius, February - James Mcavoy Photoshoot Archive

James Mcavoy

claraoswin: “ I don’t know why we’re not interested in seeing good people. I think we like seeing good people, but only if bad things happen to them.

James McAvoy... ay ay ay me caigo!!!

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James McAvoy- hilarious and very handsome.but his 'sexyface' is always the same. "hey girl/guy (whatevs) I'm thinking about something super serious,. either that or I am constipated. I hope you guess the right one.