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Tim Curry as Pennywise

It Tim Curry as Pennywise The Dancing Clown. He is an outstanding comedian, even funner villain!

Pennywise the Clown will be heading back to the sewer.

'True Detective' Director to Turn Stephen King's 'It' Into a Big-Screen Scare-fest

Sorry we're not sorry that this list of terrifying characters is going to give you nightmares. Watch Margaret White reprise her role as one of King's most evil characters in Carrie, starting in theaters October

Gif, Gif y muchos mas Gif de terror. - Taringa!

Gif, Gif y muchos mas Gif de terror.



Pennywise the Clown From It is a terrifying Halloween costume.

10 Literary Horror Characters For You to Be This Halloween

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'Behind the horror masks' Tim Curry as Pennywise {It}, Doug Bradley as cenobite Pinhead {Hellraiser}, Robert England as Freddie Krueger {Nightmare on Elm Street}, Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees {Friday there and Tyler Mane as Mike Myers {Halloween}.

El payaso It (Eso)

This bright green spider bears a startling resemblance to the clown in Stephen King's 1990 hit film It. The spider, which belongs to the thomisidae family, was captured by Ukranian photographer Igor Ryabov.

A picture of Tim Curry on the set of It in 1990.

“ captain-axle: “ sixpenceee: “ A picture of Tim Curry on the set of It in ” He looks like he’s about to drop the hottest mixtape of 1990 ” Tim Curry: Red Balloon Ft.


Pennywise the Clown - It This probably my favorite Pennywise scene. Okay, let's be honest. Every scene with Pennywise is my favorite!