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Female humanoid robot concept art, android, companion robot, robotics, future

This is one of my more "complete" models with a fully working rigg and custom materials. The model and rigg was done just under 2 weeks making it the fastest complete model I've ever built so f.

Android Jones - BOOM SHIVA

Visionary Artist Android Jones Boom Shiva Tapestry by Third Eye Tapestries

Platformer Game Tile Set 10

Platformer Game Tile Set 10

Buy Platformer Game Tile Set 10 by yurakr on GraphicRiver. This is the tile set for games. Also including other art for game (trees, boxes, etc.

Max Steel concept art by Justin Goby Fields

mostly I just like the glowing blue and how it looks like there's electricity sort of jumping out of parts of the armor

The Hermit https://www.artstation.com/p/lNWZO hector pohl Freelance Artist -- Share via Artstation Android App, Artstation © 2016

m Wizard hermit Magic Book Lantern forest hills spassundspiele: “ The Hermit – fantasy character concept by Hector Pohl ”

Dishonored 2 Concept Art - Clockwork Soldier

This robot would have been made in a weapons development lab because of all the swords that are on it. also the core inside it makes it seem that this robot is rather advanced and its slim appearance makes it seem like it can be rather stealthy.

cyberpunk catwoman robotic android concept art character design inspiration ideasParticipant of CGTrader Awards

Since these images are now available online I figured that I could post them now Gameloft Concept by Serge Birault