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Formula RC11 carbon-red livery                                                                               More

Formula RC11 carbon-red livery More

Dryve durchsicht

Azub Dryve fabric fairing

Yesterday I found the amazing looking Azub Dryve fabric fairing designed by Johannes Rave. Apart from a double page in the Azub 2012 catalog (page about developing this fabric fairing, the t…

Ultimate Catrike Cat-4 Quad by UT Custom  This highly customized Cat-4 Quad is ready for the sand. It features big tires, an EcoSpeed electric motor system, Schlumpf HSD/Nuvinci Gearing, and lots of bling. We started out with the Catrike Expedition because it gave us the steering geometry and wheelbase we wanted. Since the Expedition is already designed for 26in rear wheels we were able to use the bigger front tires to keep the frame more or less at its normal riding level.

The Most Awesome Ultimate Quad: Custom Catrike Quad by UT Custom from Utah Trikes

Formula RC11 carbon-sky-blue livery

Formula RC11 carbon-sky-blue livery