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Owls and Tea, ill. Gabriella Barouche from Edward Lear's Book of Nonsense. "There was an old man of Dumbree,/ Who taught little owls to drink tea;

It's Owl Good...

Owls in love by lesarnott. We lie awake at night in our house in the countryside, window open, listening to our favourite birds calling one another.


Ashley, a melanistic Black Barn Owl, Tyto alba. courtesy of the Barn Owl Centre, Gloucestershire.

illustrator unknown

artlove: “ “a great escape” illustration by:cassidy limbach 2010 ”

I'm a seal! This is tooooo cute!

I'm a seal!


If birds are messengers, and owls are birds, then they must bring messages from the heavens and the gods.

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Eastern Grass-Owl,(Tyto longimembris) found in northeastern Australia, parts of New Guinea & western Pacific, southeast Asia & India. Habitat is tall grasslands & swamps.