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今日の旦那さん弁当。 色んなものごちゃごちゃ入れ過ぎました。  蒸し卵せっかく綺麗に作れたのに、お弁当箱に上手く入れる事が出来ないです…

今日の旦那さん弁当。 色んなものごちゃごちゃ入れ過ぎました。 蒸し卵せっかく綺麗に作れたのに、お弁当箱に上手く入れる事が出来ないです…

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Japanese food / bento: rice is not really paleo, but it can be substituted with some vegetables, nuts, or sunflower seeds.

sushi for lunch

Lunch Photo: Japanese Sushi-Rice Stuffed in Fried Tofu Pouches - Inarizushi Bento いなり寿司弁当



Sushi Gachapin & Mook

ガチャピンムックのお寿司 by maman..|CROOZ blog

Sushi Gachapin & Mook

Adorable nori onigiri Hello Kitty bento box

Adorable nori onigiri Hello Kitty bento box

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曲げわっぱ弁当 : Magewappa (a wooden box) lunch . Slowly every day.


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Japanese Bento - healthy and creative lunchboxes for kids//  Very pretty ideas, though i bet time consuming as well//

Japanese Bento - healthy and creative lunchboxes for kids// Megan and Rochelle, I hope you are making these daily for the kids.

Les kyaraben sont des trésors d'imagination et de créativité ! Et ils ont l'air kawaii et délicieux !

Rolled chicken bento, looks like cherries, either fried shrimp or chicken, tiny sausages, Japanese style croquets with a band of egg sheet with half a decorated quail egg

今日のわっぱ主人おにぎり弁当(牛肉巻き) : Slowly every day...

Beef rolled onigiri bento box, featuring sides of tamagoyaki, fried cucumbers, sesame carrots, and broccoli & chikuwa bonito flake saute

Japanese box lunch, Bento お弁当

· Shiso Yukari chicken tempura/Chirimen Japanese pepper rice/Salt boiled edamame/Boiled egg/Fried butter soy sauce, mushroom and komatsuna wiener/Cherry tomatoes/ so many noms!