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Snowflake on Branches

12-Sided Snowflakes by Kenneth G. Libbrecht, Caltech: Sometimes capped columns form with a twist, a 30-degree twist to be specific.  The two end-plates are both six-branched crystals, but one is rotated 30 degrees relative to the other.  This is a form of crystal twinning, in which two crystals grow joined in a specific orientation. #Snowflake #12_Sided_Snowflake

Another 12 sided snowflake

Snowflakes - absolutely beautiful.

Snowflakes - absolutely beautiful.

Fractal 6 point symmetry in nature, snowflake under a microscope

Beautiful macro snowflake photographed by Wilson Bentley.

Solids, Liquids, and Gases - Investigate - Resource - 8817 - Image - Snowflakes - Britannica PATHWAYS: SCIENCE

Ice crystals are formed by the Bergeron process. These ice crystals collide and merge to form snowflakes as they fall through the cloud via a process known as aggregation

Nature Knows: Amazing macro-photography of individual snowflakes [10 Pictures] - (Photographer Alexey Kljatov)

Russian based photographer Alexey Kljatov takes us on an incredible magical journey to discover the true beauty and uniqueness of every snowflakes.Capturing individual snowflakes on a glass surface or woollen fabrics and then lighting them by an.


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Fractals snowflakes

wilson a bentley snowflakes for crochet inspiration

Snowflake photographer Alexey kljatov-- Wow, this is quite the ice crystal beauty.

Snowflake photographer Alexey kljatov-- Wow, this is quite the ice crystal beauty.

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Snowflakes for iPhone app.

A flower within a snowflake

Disappointed you didn't get a white Christmas? Here's a chance to take a VERY close look at snow

Up close snowflake


This Physicist's Designer Snowflakes Are Dazzling

Micro-photography of individual snowflakes - Imgur

Micro-photography of individual snowflakes

Amazing macro-photography of individual snowflakes ~ Guys The Road

The Beauty of Snowflakes Up Close

Fascination: Kenneth Libbrecht, Professor of Physics at the California Institute of Technology, has been studying snowflakes, ice patterns, crystal growth and ice formations since 1997

Beautiful artwork by God!

It's how snowflakes form. Something to do with how hydrogen and oxygen molecules bond. Molecules form into this fractal geometry creating infinite variation. The intricate handiwork of the Creator.

From Wilson Bentley's lifelong obsession with perfectly capturing and cataloguing photographs of every variety of snowflake.

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