Solas & Lavellan

nipuni: “ Nalia Lavellan before the conclave for anon! some info about her under cut if you are interested!

(Credit to @miarools12) He scares me.. well a lot of things scare me actually. But he, he scares me the most. I was innocent, kind, loving, caring and I was a virgin which was surprising in my village. I was happy. Content with life, content with my family... until he came and took me away. How was I supposed to know that I was going to become a toy for a werewolf? Not just any werewolf, the leader...

Exile To Hell - Flynn character inspiration, this kind of hair color that has the red tones

Nalia by nipuni | I'm in love with Nipuni's art

Hello, I'm Natalia. I'm pisces, infp and I love drawing, cats, games and sea food.

Check out the comic GhostBlade from the beginning. It is an amazing and definitely needs signal boosting! :)

Discover the Art of Wang Lin, a Chinese hobbyist digital artistliving in Hong Kong and creating a web comic called GhostBlade

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Commission for =raevene Character: Sora Copyright by =raevene Thanks for viewing.

¿Te gusta el Fanart? Mirá esto - parte 2 - Taringa!

¿Te gusta el Fanart? Mirá esto - parte 2

Final Fantasy and Dragon Age addicted. Péchés mignons et plaisirs coupables !

taylorkrios: “ I commissioned the talented to draw my Inquisitor, Saria Lavellan! It is amazing and perfect in every way, thank you so much :) ” I’m glad that you like it! Thank you for commissioning me :)" omg she looks like Ciri (the witcher)!