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Cryolophosaurus | Dinosaurs | Prehistoric Animals for Daz Studio
Marchan Blog: パキリノサウルス  Pachyrhinosaurus
恐竜・古生物模型作品ギャラリー: アンキロサウルス Ankylosaurus magniventris
Ziapelta // Masato Hattori
恐竜+アート?「ランツェンドルフ古生物アート賞」受賞アーティストが描く古の世界がスゴイ! | nanapi [ナナピ]
Allosaurus_Carnivorous dinosaur Allosaurus Allosaurus Late Jurassic up to 12m, champion to stand at the top of the Jurassic.
Titanosaurus_Herbivorous dinosaur of about 12m~18m Tita Roh Dinosaur Titanosaurus Late Cretaceous. Was discovered it is only partial skeleton of ribs and vertebrae of the rear fuselage. It is estimated that had armor made of a skin on the back bone.