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The Republican Rape Advisory Chart (Vol II)

Daily Kos: GOP Rape Advisory Chart Vol. 2 seriously people are sick and wrong rape is wrong -.

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You know we need feminism when a genocide of a certain gender has happened over so much time that it has its own name.

And the argument is of wartime casualties are men (ignoring obviously the fact women on the front lines was only allowed a few years ago)


nudes leak = voluntary nude photoshoot = so its only sexy if the woman's not into it? sure am glad rape culture is just a myth.

The first time I was assaulted I was thirteen. He didn’t listen to me. Asked me to live with him. I was THIRTEEN.

The first time I was assaulted I was thirteen. Asked me to live with him. I was THIRTEEN.

mentally disabled people are especially targeted by police

And one of the top locations people with severe and/or untreated mental disorders is jail, not hospitals where they can receive the treatment they need. We deinstitutionalized but never put the proper mental health care clinics and such in place.

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This may be the most concise graphic on the subject of "reverse sexism" I have ever seen. Feminism helps men by dismantling patriarchy.

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When you're used to privilege, equality feels like oppression. Don't act put out when an oppressed group gains rights.


Man literally tells a feminist he loses all logic when he sees "stimulating female body parts"- so, who's the one with no faith in men? And if they can't control themselves why are they controlling so much of the world