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Microscale landscape by César Soares

A tavern fit for a traveling king


Olivier Lego recently posted his second microscale creation of a medieval castle. For such a small scale the castle is packed with a lot of detail, such as the

LEGO Micro-Scale Neverland MOC (2 Much Caffeine Flickr)

Microscale Lego Neverland by Rod Gillies . *Previously: Peter Pan mecha toy concept .

Chuck’s toad gets a tad cantankerous | The Brothers Brick | LEGO Blog

Chuck's toad gets a tad cantankerous

LEGO pirates on a small steamboat armed with cannons, a tiny flag, oars, chains, and a frog as the figurehead.

Amazing Lego microbuild - I love the techniques for the wall, cloud and castle, and the different levels of build are great!

Carson Hart has churned out a brilliant microscale scene, packed full of nifty parts usages and cool shapes. He says he was inspired by Iridescent Nohow, and I can definitely see the influence in this whimsical diorama.


I guess that means I have too many legos now. Sorry bricklink sellers!

LEGO Microscale Train: Choo Choo!

Seventh build in my Ironbuilder against Jonas using the metallic silver pin thing - Tim Schwalfenberg