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Roger Dean

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'Muad’Dib Summons The Great Maker' by Sam Weber Interior illustration from the Hardcover Collector's Edition of 'Dune' by Frank Herbert, published by The Folio Society.

Sandworms appear in the Dune series as gigantic and scary worms that live in the desert and have huge mouths full of teeth.

Bruce Pennington- The Rise of Antichrist

The amazingly colorful, beautifully bizarre, and strangely serene science fiction art of Bruce Pennington. Bruce did the cover art to the Dune novels in the and

Sad To The Bone. Art by Bruce Pennington by pulpster

Sad To The Bone. Art by Bruce Pennington by pulpster

Eye-Gougingly Good: The Vintage Sci-Fi Art of Bruce Pennington

The amount of detail in this piece is incredible to me. There seem to be layers within layers and oddly satisfying details such as the circle turning into a drape in the right side of the image.

Ghanima and Leto II against Laza tigers. Most excellent part of the story!

The Imperial Twins face the laza tiger as they begin the Golden Path.