Princess Diana

Princess Diana with Prince William. Looks like Princess Diana taking Prince William to school. Diana wearing a red knee length skirt and dark blue blouse.

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EVGENIA GL /****I can't help but believe exercise helped Diana with her eating disorder.

Image result for rare and unseen photos of princess diana

Image result for rare and unseen photos of princess diana

While she was Princess of Wales, Diana Spencer was often seen wearing her family's Spencer tiara, and we were fascinated to learn a few years ago that the Spencer family owns another tiara in addit...

Diana in a rare image wearing the Spencer Honeysuckle tiara. Princess Diana in a white coatdress, she wore France 1988 without a tiara.

Diana Frances — duchessofavalon: Princess Diana 13/❅

Diana Frances — duchessofavalon: Princess Diana 13/❅

William with his mother Princess Diana who died tragically in a car accident in Paris in 1996, when he was 15-years-old

Prince William speaks movingly about the loss of Princess Diana

Update: Princess Diana circa Princess Diana helped see Wills off as he went on a skiing trip . I think this was 1992 and William went to Switzerland (see Prince William: earlier years board for a photo of William skiing in Switzerland

1981-06-24 Diana meets Roger Moore and his wife Luisa

1981-06-24 Diana meets Roger Moore and his wife Luisa

Diana au Shopping , le 10 Juin 1982

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Diana shops at Harrods in London accompanied by her personal protection officers and her Lady-in-Waiting, Anne Beckwith Smith

Diana Frances and Prince William& Harry

Princess Diana accompanied by her sons, Prince Harry and Prince William to a special service for fire brigade veterans at St Paul's Cathedral. The Princess is wearing a pink and purple suit designed by Catherine Walker, 12 Oct 1990

Diana Princess of Wales image by ShaniaTFan1995 - Photobucket/••••and here we are back to ruffles and lots of fabric. Can't imagine what they were thinking. She was no longer using the Queen appointed dresser, so why....

HRH Diana, Princess of Wales wearing a stunning bright blue gown and the Spencer Family Tiara.

princess diana george's chapel | July 18, 1992: Princess Diana and her son Prince ... | Princess Diana

Pin for Later: Princess Diana's Sweetest Mum Moments In July a chic Princess Diana walked hand in hand with Prince Harry in Windsor, England.


September 7 1995 Diana in the rain after lunch at Thomas Goode restaurant in London