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Starling murmuration near Edinburgh

Murmuration of Starlings, Gretna Green, UK photo: Joan Thirlaway "Ring Around the Moon"

Fish shoal. Great pictures (10 photos)

Fish shoal. Great pictures (10 photos)

.:: ALAIN DELORME Photography ::.

In his series Murmurations - Ephemeral Plastic Sculptures, Paris-based photographer Alain Delorme has created a series of photographs that, at first glance, seem to document the beautiful forms cre.

Delicious Dimension The murmurations of starlings

A flock of migrating starlings flying over a field near Netivot in Israel ©David Buimovitch

This is called a murmuration of starlings

Every time that wheel goes ’round, you’re bound to cover just a lit. - but does it float

Une montagne de ballet...

It's so fascinating to watch a flock (murmuration) of starlings in flight, how they twist and turn and create a cloud that keeps changing shape - not unlike shoals of fish.

Murmuration.  Starlings at Gretna, Scotland.  Looks like an owl, don't you think?

Starlings flocking over Gretna in Scotland. In this shot the flock morphed into a ghostly owl like figure.