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News about #Tucker on Twitter

And the know it but they still chose to intensional lie! This is our news media , professional liars! Thank you Fox News and company for reporting truth!


Democrats are NOT GOOD FOR AMERICA! When you destroy America's successful business men/women, you destroy those that make the jobs that people need to enjoy independence, liberty and freedom.

His politics have no bearing on his actions

ZioJesuit cultural marxist Sickening liberal celebrity hypocrites endlessly lecture us ad nauseûm pursuant to whatever they deem to be unacceptable behaviour, but overlook/condone it within their own ranks.

you are so right! Lenin, Stalin & Hitler all followed these rules! Maybe the liberals should read some history from other countries and see how well socialism & communism worked for those people! They might what to read history in the making and look up 5 reasons why Venezuela's economy is in a 'meltdown' http://money.cnn.com/2016/01/18/news/economy/venezuela-economy-meltdown/

Useful Idiots brought to you by Saul Alinsky, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton. How people can't see this happening right in front of their faces is beyond me. It's time to start praying America!

All things that are on record. I've heard women say worse things about other women than anything Trump has said that we know of. Our country can start heading out of the darkness. Power to the people not the elites. The truth will set you free!!

Clinton vs Trump open up this to fully read. The part about Hillary selling our URANIUM for backdoor profits to her charity is just sick!


I do not totally agree with Trump about the media in whole but you have to have questions when.

Rich and elitist hypocrite! He is blinded by his arrogance and Confused about right and wrong!

Another liberal hypocrite

August 7 2016

jeremyvyoral: “ “ You dont say 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 ” But I thought voter ID was racists. Guess I was wrong, and is only in place to prevent voter fraud.

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Liberalism is a mental disorder

The democrats are corrupt #DrainTheSwamp

The democrats are corrupt #DrainTheSwamp

And if you vote for her because she’s a woman remember she defended a child rapist. A child. Let that sink in!!

Hillary Clinton on

One evil Currupt woman!

(328) Twitter

VOTE TRUMP-Who should be in control of making America Great Again? Who was the President in 1991 again?

Trump vs Clinton - facts are facts

Trump 2016 don't let a bitch who killed our men be trusted with a great nation make America great again

People who can't handle the truth about themselves, sorry I call it like I see it, if you can't handle it, to the left weak links by Sember!

People who can't handle truth