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8 Useful Weeds and their Benefits

Backyard Bounty: 8 Useful Weeds - Gardening

Medical conifer branches and leaves; learn which are safe and which are toxic.

Foraging for Pine Needles (and other conifer needles)

Foraging for pine needles and other conifer needles is easy, plus you can make a tasty and medicinal pine needle tea that is perfect in the fall and winter.

Creasy greens is an early spring delicacy in the south - Barbarea verna

Barbarea verna - winter cress - leaves, flowers and flower shoots are edible raw, sauteed or steamed

WildOnions - I can find these in my backyard

Wild onion (allium family) such as Meadow Garlic [Allium canadense] - Edible plant. Bulbs can be used like onions, while leaves can be used like chives. Caution: some plants that look like wild onions are poisonous.

From Wikiwand: Inflorescences of a blue-flowered form, note the two rows of bracts

Common chicory, Cichorium intybus, is a somewhat woody, perennial herbaceous plant usually with bright blue flowers, rarely white or pink.

Lichens (including rock tripe) are one of the most essential survival foods. They contain a good deal of carbohydrates by volume (more than a potato). In order to eat them in quantity, they should be boiled to remove acids. Lichens should NOT be foraged on a regular basis, only a survival basis, as they can take decades, or even centuries to grow. This post also shows toxic lichens, and how to avoid them.

René Redzepi's popularization of foraging and gourmet preparations of his foraged food, including 'reindeer and other mosses, makes knowing how to identify and prepare mosses and lichens mandatory.

The Incredible and Edible Pine Tree http://prepforshtf.com/incredible-edible-pine-tree/#.VKbfpCvF-So

Uses for Pine Resin Pine resin or pitch is the secretion from pine trees cause by cuts in the tree trunk or from broken limbs. The trees secrete the resin

7 Foods You Can Forage for in Spring. http://www.care2.com/causes/7-foods-you-can-forage-for-in-spring.html

7 Foods You Can Forage for in Spring - Some very good information around local edible plants!